FAQs of Online Learning Scholarships

If you want to enroll in an online degree program, there are several details that you have to be aware of, especially when it comes to your scholarships. The easiest way to gather information is to answer the FAQs that are usually encountered in this aspect.

How do you qualify for a scholarship for your college degree online? Different scholarships have their own requirements and qualifications you need to abide in order to benefit from it. For example, the Get Educated Online College Scholarship Program requires students enrolled in online US universities with minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA. On the other hand Online Study Australia Scholarship for Online Learners awards $2,000 to either a foreign or Australian student planning to apply for an online program with a college or university. Interested students would be required a 200-word essay to qualify.

Will you be allowed to freely choose the online degree program you wish to enter? Scholarships are widely varied. There are scholarships that would provide you the freedom to choose whichever program you wish but there are also scholarships that will only be limited to specific programs. A great example of the latter kind of scholarship is the Graduate Project Management Scholarship offered by Colorado Technical University.

The Graduate Project Management Scholarship from CTU is only offered to who are enrolled in an online Master’s degree level program in CTU and has a Project Management concentration. This is similar with the Robert G. Mayes Memorial Scholarship that Columbia Southern University offers to a CSU alumnus who wants to have an online Master’s degree and can award a total of $10,000.

Are there scholarships open for any nationality? Whatever college degree online and nationality you have, you can be qualified to UNICAF Scholarships. These scholarships are offered to online students but would be limited to specific universities. The universities that accept UNICAF scholarships are Cypriot University of Nicosia, Marymount California University in the U.S., and University of South Wales in U.K.

What online degree program can provide you with scholarships? When it comes to scholarships, the program you want to be in most often do not matter. But if you want to apply for scholarship without being limited by the program you want to enroll in, Pennsylvania State University (World Campus) offers a wide range of financial assistance and scholarship programs you can choose from. These programs are especially offered to distance-learning students and are funded by the donation of the school.

If you have more questions about schools and scholarships in an effort to get your college degree online, you can search the Internet for more details. The best thing to do is to decide on the program and school you want to be enrolled, and check out for scholarships applicable to them.

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  1. Thanks for the information, am in Uganda interested in obtaining scholarship to do medicine and surgery how can I do it? thanks

  2. Thank you for demonstrating such an incredible moral obligation to impact a life time difference in the lives of some of us less privileged students from Uganda. This rekindles hope in me. i desire to be one of the beneficiaries of this offer.

  3. I really thank u for this opportunity. Am helping my daughter for grand to go to school. Is reason am applying. I will keep waiting for reply until all is good. Thanks Sir / Madame

  4. conglaturation!for you good and God bless you.Iam interested with your scholarship and iwould like to join with your university in degree proggram,iwill be honest and alot of thanks if you give me that chance

  5. Thank you for giving me this information. I am interested to do my studies in NYC can u please help me

  6. I don’t want to miss this golden opportunity because it is a life changing one. I appreciate all your effort in bringing this to our notice. Please, I am more than interested. Thanks.

  7. thankyou to give me this information………………..I will like her give me the detial of this university plzzzzzzzzzz………………….

  8. First of all i would like to say thank you. I need to enrol australia scholarship,then i need some clarifications for that college. I need quick reply .

  9. Thanks!!! Am A Priest In Anglican Church. I Need A Fully Funded Scholarship To Study In USA, Masters Of Arts In Christian Leadership. Would You Pleaseeeee! Help Me To Fulfill My Dream.

  10. thank you so much for the opportunity
    am in Uganda and I want to do a course in either mass communication or public relations
    but I want a scholarship
    but how can I apply for it and what are the terms and conditions

  11. Hy Iam Ali Ramadhan from Kenya. Iam pursuing a diploma in land surveying. Supported by only one parent thats my mum. I have alot of challenges in my learning. I would really want your help in acauiring a scholarship to accomplish my degree and masters. Thank you.

  12. Thank you for chosen me. Please how I my going to do it? because I really wants to study in the country and not online. Thanks I’m waiting to hear from you. Joan from Cameroon

  13. I want to to persue Master in Epidermiology and Biostatistics in any of the University through out the world via online.

  14. I want to to persue Master in Epidermiology and Biostatistics in any of the University through out the world via online.
    How can I access the schoolarship at any percentage

  15. Thanks for this good advise above. am Kenyan yearning to further my studies. my backgroung quite poor to afford any percentage of fees. Can someone help sponser my learning so that i can fulfill my dream of learning Community Development, and eradicate poverty and minimize the cases of new infections of HIV and AIDs in my country. Help

  16. Thank you for your advise I’m Rwandan. It is very important to get scholarship but still problem how fees will be pay

  17. I study bachelor of hotel and restaurant management inUTB university of Rwanda. When and how we will get module of scholarship?

  18. Hi I’m Fisokuhle an ambitious young boy. I intended to study law (criminal justice and constitutional law)but i need financial aid.Im in South Africa.

  19. This is a useful advice to prospective applicants including me. I am a potential PhD candidate who is about to begin his studies in Energy & Sustainability. My dream will only be accomplish my dream if I am offered financial hand.Herewith, I plead with individuals and organizations to have mercy upon me and extend their assistance to me. Thank you.

  20. hello sir/madam good morning ineeds a scholarship in Bachelor degree in Health care Management and to learn also French language

  21. Wow I love ds opportunity it is a great privilege for we student ihope you will help me out with USA scholarship to study abroad or you can fund my Fee

  22. Hi,
    Thanks for the information, my name is Thompson Nyensuah from Liberia, I’m in such of a scholarship, want to study General Agriculture.

    I will highly appreciate you in helping me.

  23. Hi,
    Thanks for the information, my name is HASEN HUSEN from ETHIOPIA, I’m in such of a scholarship, want to study INFORMATION SCEINCE (LIBRARY SCEINCE).

    I will highly appreciate you in helping me.

  24. Thank you for this opportunity,l wish to be one of your some of the students to be offered this opportunity

  25. Hello, Thank you for the opportunity.I need a scholarship please. Looking forward for your positive reply

  26. this is great opportunity for me, i will be great full if am given this scholarship to grow and add values to my society.

  27. i great you all once again all proticles duely observed those of you who are helping us to archieve our dreams you all will see your children’ children and your banks and pucket will not dry in jesus name. i pray my name will be among the looky ones. My contact line is 07031244867.

  28. Thanks for this information…..I like to study in abroad as Medicine and Surgery Student to become doctor in future and i requested for your help and God will help you…..Am from Nigeria

  29. hi friends,i have a diploma in civil engineering and really want to pursue a bachelors degree in the same.Help me get a scholarhip within Uganda

  30. Hello my name is Kadie Josiah I am from sierra Leone and I need scholarship I will be honour if u recommend me

  31. Am Grace by name, a marketing degree student of Nigeria University, please I need a scholarship opportunity.

  32. First of all I thanks for this information and I would like to get scholarship. Am keeping for further info.

  33. hi I m Raza shah i am interested in better education in Pakistan because i have no money i have need this scholarship please consider me this opportunity.

  34. I am a Cameroonian nationality,and an orphan with an A Level certificate three papers.I have been begging for help from people to continue my studies but no body is willing to help me and i deem it necessary to pursue my dreams.I will be grateful if you grant me this opportunity to move to a certain level .thanks

  35. In the first place i would like thank you for this opportunity.
    If you help me , i will study medicine abroad in usa.
    I don\’t miss this great opportunity.

  36. Much regards for such opportunity, i shall be grateful if you could kindly offer us (me and my daughter) Dauda Sundufu-sowa,Phebian I Sundufu-sowa an opportunity to upgrade ourselves out there.
    I awaits for any humble response from you sir.

  37. I just want to believe but im worried if this scholarships is not for me.and im hopefull to fullfill my dreams to study abroad.so pls kindly responce and kindness consideration to help me.and i am promise to pay back.keep up and god bless.and ty.for such a good news for us.

  38. am very happy for the opportunity to proceed with education from a diploma holder to a degree holder in a biomedical sciences

  39. My pleasure to be selected.
    How I wish I become considered for a scholarship.
    I\’m pursuing a diploma in midwifery in Uganda at Mutolere school of nursing and midwifery.
    May God bless the hand that gives

  40. It is my great honour and appreciation to be one of the choosen. I am looking forward to be enrolled in the next coming year if I manage at any university. My ptiority would go to the study of Mathematics and economics. However funding myself has hindered my high way to further my education.

  41. please am Solomon Eshun from Ghana, pls I interested for the scholarship, due financial problems I haven\’t be able to achieve or further my university education pls I would be glad to have the scholarship to continue my education pls

  42. Hello my name is Fetu bedewi from Ethiopia, Africa I need assistance in furthering my studies
    in the field of Accounting kindly help with the provision of a fully funded
    scholarship your response will highly be appreciated.

  43. Hie sirs\\madams…am Mark Tembo from zimbzbwe,i did city& guilds diploma in engineering.I wish and have the passion to undertake engineering and technology in an Australian universities,please could you kindly offer me a full sholarship of studying there.

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