Why You Should Select Only Accredited Online Universities

You are probably fancying the idea of choosing distance learning courses but you are hesitating because you have no guarantee that your university online degree will be acknowledged by future education institutions or, of course, employers. While many online universities promise those distance learning courses that will bring you similar benefits to those offline, it is highly important that you make sure you are not being scammed. The question is how can you be sure that your online masters degree or Bachelor, or associate (you name it) is a good deal?

Before selecting your university online degree, it is best to check the accreditation of it. Some distance learning courses are internationally recognized which offers more value to the degree and the selected online university. Now, the question is, why is crucial for online universities to be accredited?

Accreditation for online universities is extremely relevant and important and not just because it impacts your future education or career. Accreditation matters for the following reasons, as well:

If you want to transfer credits.

If you want to receive a scholarship based on your performances or financial needs

If you want to find a job relevant to your Bachelor’s, associate or online masters degree

As university online degree programs and open universities are becoming more and more widespread, accreditation practices have become more rigorous. There are accreditation institutes that award universities whose primary goal is to teach students and offer them quality education. In order for an associate, Bachelor’s or online masters degree to receive accreditation it has to meet the same requirements as an on-campus degree.

Once you have decided that you want to pursue an online degree, the next step is to look for universities that offer these programs. A way to check if a university has received accreditation is by accessing its official website. When the university is accredited, the info can be easily found at the bottom of the page or it has a special tab dedicated to this matter. No matter which online university caught your attention, keep in mind to check first if that university received (or not) its accreditation.

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