About us

University Online is focusing on bringing the best online scholarship solutions for you. The times are changing so much that today you could even acquire a scholarship for a virtual university. We at University Online have one of the world’s largest database of such offering, and we would even argue that we are at the forefront of offering scholarships that are designated for students enrolled or willing to enroll at online universities.

Our team of experts strives to update the database day in and day out so that no fetching offer is ever missed out on. As soon as you open our offerings, you will notice that they are well structured and concise texts which highlight the most important parts of the scholarships.

In addition, we provide external links such as application forms, deadlines and any additional information that the applicant may need. Details such as requirements are also featured.

We strive to propose the best scholarships for online universities available on the Internet and to this end we do our due diligence. We continuously update and add new items to our database.

Subscribing to our newsletters makes browsing the scholarship database even easier. We kindly encourage you to go through our offerings and judge for yourself.

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